Gamb-ling: Problem gambling information – Signs and Symptoms

Symptoms & Signs

The following are some signs that a person may have a gambling problem:

•  Gambling for longer periods of time-spending long or increasing amounts of time at gambling venues

•  Preoccupation with gambling-constantly thinking about and preparing for gambling

•  “Chasing losses”-gambling more often and playing higher stakes to “win back” lost money

•  Frequent, unexplained absences-from home or work and undue secrecy

•  Gambling to escape from obligations or life’s daily pressures

•  Growing debt from gambling

•  Lying

•  Criminal activity to finance gambling

•  Neglecting family/personal needs-e.g., nutrition, sleep, schooling or general well-being

•  Intimacy issues / emotional & physical distance

•  Children exhibit guilt and shame (overvalue money materialism)

•  Child takes role of pseudo-parent (loyalty to parents vs. blowing the whistle)

•  Problems with substance abuse (drugs and alcohol)