Why do we Gamble

We gamble for excitement and enjoyment.  Some people gamble hoping they will win money so they can taste and touch the “big win” something that results in the financial means to make their dreams come true.  Some people gamble for entertainment, such as a night out with friends at the casino or a bingo game in support of a charitable organization.  Perhaps it’s purchasing an occasional lottery ticket. As well, there are people who gamble simply because they love the challenge, the environment and the thrill of the “game”.

According to the Centre for Addiction and Mental Health (CAMH), adults in Ontario who do not have a gambling problem gamble for the following reasons:

  • To win money
  • To socialize
  • For enjoyment
  • To pass the time

According to CAMH, people from different cultural backgrounds gamble for the following reasons:

  • To socialize
  • To escape problems and isolation
  • To socialize with members of cultural groups         
  • To regain social status
  • To celebrate religious festivals