Types of Gamblers

Doctor Robert Custer identifies six types of gamblers:

  1. Professional: skilled, able to control
  2. Anti-Social or Criminal: use gambling to cheat, involved In illegal activities
  3. Casual Social: recreation and excitement, for win, loss is the cost of entertainment
  4. Serious Social: gambling main form of recreation but it is second to family and vacation
  5. Relief/Escape: to find relief from anxiety, depression, anger
  6. Compulsive: consists of four features: it is at the end of the continuum):
    • Progression: can’t stop, bets go up; will continue gambling as long as they have funds.  Time spent gambling increases.
    • Intolerance of losing, when losses occur, the compulsive gambler “chases” the lost money. Losses are concealed from family members and lying becomes a major element in the gambling cycle.
    • Preocupation: Thoughts about gambling become a constant obsession.
    • Disregard for consequences: During this final stage, forgery, thefts and embezzlement are common.  Despite these illegal acts, the gambler intends to score a big win and set everything right.