Get Informed

What’s the big problem with gambling?

Gambling might seem like it is not a problem in Ontario. With lotteries, slot casinos, charity bingos, sports pools and other types of gambling there are lots of ways for people  to take a chance. And people are taking chances on Ontario’s multi-billion dollar gaming industry.

For most people, gambling is an exciting and relaxing way to win a little money or to socialize with friends. For others, gambling becomes a force that tears their family, financial, work and social lives apart.

When is gambling a problem?

If the thrill of the big win becomes more important than spending time with loved ones, if gambling affects work performance,  or if debts grow and grow and it seems like  they’ll never disappear, gambling may be a problem.

This site is designed to provide you with information about what problem gambling is and to recognize the signs and symptoms that there may be a problem.

What can I do?

Get informed and learn

First of all, learn about gambling and the differences between gambling and problem gambling.

Ask Yourself

Take one of the tests that are included and see if you or someone you care about might have a problem

Get Help

Beating a gambling problem can be a real challenge but the odds are in your favour!   Learn how to gamble safely and how to help someone you care about to set limits with their gambling. If you don’t know where to turn,  this multilingual website has been designed specifically to provide help in your own language.